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  • Bob McInnis

Shelter Island Chamber of Commerce's visitor generation "machine" is now active on their website!

Shelter Island shot of their web page

Sneak peek! After weeks of researching, strategizing, implementing, writing, designing, and publishing, I'm excited that we just turned on The Shelter Island Chamber of Commerce visitor-generating machine.

The chamber approached me after seeing me talk on the strategies and technologies behind my lead generation/customer acquisition approach that I picked up while at an international ad agency (and that I've been teaching at a NY business school). It leverages online and offline assets to not just increase awareness, but to actually get my client's target customers to hire, buy, or, in this case, visit Shelter Island and patronize its local businesses. (You can watch a short video about this powerful approach here.)

The first part was to build and make available for download a highly appealing "lead magnet" on the chamber's website that would attract prospective tourists in the early stages of them making their travel plans. They then "pay" for accessing the guide with their name and email address, so it had to be really valuable. Another client of mine, First And South, has already had 2,000+ downloads of a lead magnet we made for them, a staff-picked "10 Must-See Places Around Greenport", complete with images, descriptions, and links to Google Maps.

This is not to be confused with the typical business-focused forms such as "sign up for our newsletter", or "download our brochure" which 66% - 90% of prospective customers just aren't willing to fill out.

This is only the first part of the process, of course. It'll now automatically be watching and nurturing these visitors to ensure they ultimately visit Shelter Island and spend more time (and money) there.

It also segments visitors into tourists/visitors, year-round residents, and part-time residents, enabling the chamber to promote their members' products and services to the island's year-round and part-time homeowners, as well.

The next step is to drive visits from all and any channels including email, search engines, chamber members' websites, print and digital media, social, and from our artificial-intelligence-optimized, highly-targeted programmatic advertising platform that can reach exactly (and only) the prospects they want wherever they may be.

If you'd like to see the piece that starts the program--the "lead magnet"--you can download the guide on the chamber's site. And if you're considering visiting the East End, hopefully you can't help but download it.


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