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We've created 1000's of  print and digital ads, including targeted, programmatic digital advertising.

Programmatic, data-driven advertising allows you to run ads that only reach your specific target customers in any geographical area you choose at any time on any Web site or social media platform on any device.

It's changing the way we reach our target audiences—more efficiently and with amazing results. It's where the new world of big data meets your exact target audience with tactics that drive results.


At McInnis Digital, we've worked with the biggest brands and agencies in the world. We've been at the highest levels of the adtech space and have worked on the most sophisticated marketing plans ever executed - McDonalds, Raytheon, IKEA, and many more. We know what the big agencies get (and what you're not getting) but, more importantly, we know how to get it for you.


What does that mean?  Excellent return on ad spend.


How do we do it? With the tools and tactics of the pros, including:


  • Proprietary inventory sources, multiple platforms

  • Platform agnostic – not “selling” anything

  • Cutting edge solutions like Artificial Intelligence Marketing and proprietary PPC sources

  • Diversification of media buy – optimizing within and among different platforms, spreading risk, and heightening efficiencies

  • High-end fraud prevention with MOAT, WhitOps, MaxMind and more…

  • Eliminate middlemen – putting more media spend against media

  • Challenge current vendors, Vet new ones

  • Integrity and transparency

  • Customer service

  • Elbow grease - extensive whitelisting, hands-on optimization, attention to detail, and expertise beyond the click:

    • Landing page optimization

    • Analytics

    • Marketing automation

Two Powerful Tools: Demystifying Programatic Advertising and Marketing Automation

Two Powerful Tools: Demystifying Programatic Advertising and Marketing Automation

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Some of the best-kept secrets we've learned working with the largest brands in the world

We know things about buying and running programmatic advertising that only the people operating at the highest levels are even aware exist.

Here are four that might surprise you: 

Very little of the money you spend to run digital advertising is actually going towards running the advertising

That's right. To buy programmatic advertising directly, you need to have a seat on certain exchanges, which are very, very expensive. Because of this, someone with a seat on an exchange requires huge minimum spends of tens of thousands of dollars per month from their clients. 


So to make this kind of advertising accessible to everyone, middlemen have started buying advertising in bulk, breaking it into smaller packages, and reselling these to other middlemen at more than double what they originally bought it for. These middlemen, in turn, do the same thing, breaking it up into even smaller packages, doubling the price again, and reselling it to those with smaller businesses and budgets.


By the time it gets to you, it likely has gone through mulitple resellers, and markups. Advertising that normally goes for $2 CPM (cost per thousand) can easily balloon to $12 by the time it gets to you. This means only a tiny fraction of the money you spend, compared to the big brands, goes toward advertising.


Our experience and behind-the-scenes access put us in the unique position to identify, access, and negotiate with the best inventory sources directly. This ensures that you dramatically get more impressions for your money. We're also completely transparent about our costs and any markup, something that's unheard of in this industry.

The bigger companies have access to better media

Do you know the grade of media you're being sold? Many media vendors take advantage of ad agencies and advertisers who are not as experienced in programmatic, similar to an unscrupulous mechanic who takes advantage of the mechanically inexperienced.


So, in addition to driving high margins, they deliver low-quality media to those folks while saving the good stuff for the more sophisticated agencies who can tell the difference.

Most salespeople working for these problem media vendors aren’t even aware this is going on and there are different quality levels of media. So, they’re sincere when they say they don’t know why your response rate isn’t better.


But we do and we can protect you.


We have the ability to buy directly on our own proprietary group of SaaS platforms, allowing us to get quality media without having to pay hidden but exorbitant multiple-middlemen fees. 

"Set it and forget it" mentality is widespread

The people who supply digital media also put their biggest customers at the top of their priority list, using the "set it and forget it" approach with most other advertisers, basically putting your camapign on autopilot. This helps drive even bigger margins for the middlemen but inferior results for the client.


We know from working with the big brands that your advertising spend needs to be constantly optimized, including watching who is clicking and ultimately converting, for the least amount of ad spend, and shifting more dollars over into those types of people.


There are bad players working against your best efforts to run a quality digital ad media campaign.

They constantly stay one step ahead of your media provider by committing ad fraud resulting in fraudulent impressions, clicks, views, and leads—even filling out forms to make your results look good while driving zero actual response and wasting your valuable dollars.


We know how to stay one step ahead of them using only the best in fraud and viewability technology at both the campaign and site level.

We also contract with the industry’s leading anti-fraud vendors.

We believe that if we find our customers the highest quality, fraud-free media bought without the markups by multiple middlemen, that the results will speak for themselves. Even if our clients don’t understand all the things we’re doing in the background to ensure they’re getting what they’re paying for.

This allows your media buy to do what it’s supposed to do for clients—driving response.

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