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Free 10-Minute Video: The secrets to automatically generating leads and turning them into customers

In this 10-minute video, Bob McInnis shares little-known strategies and technologies that can transform your existing website into an automatic lead-generation and customer-acquistion machine.

You'll learn:

  • Why up to 90% of your prospective customers visiting your site will never call you.

  • How to get them to identify themselves before they disappear forever.

  • How to automatically determine where they are in their buying process and what they need to know.

  • How to move them along their buying journey until they're ready to talk.

  • How to figure out exactly where your best customers are coming from--advertising, social media, email, or offline activities so you can stop wasting unprofitable marketing efforts.

  • How to be automatically notified when a hot prospect that went cold suddenly becomes interested again.

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