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What we do

Simply put, McInnis Digital applies little-known strategies, tactics, and technologies we mastered working at top ad agencies to accomplish what many business still find elusive: generating substantial, trackable leads and customers.


We often work with what you already have, including your existing websites, social media platforms, email, advertising, and offline marketing assets and activities. Or we can build out some or all of those assets as lead generation tools from the start.  


Like many others, we can design professional, attractive, well-functioning websites and other assets, but we go far beyond that by incorporating little-known, best-practice strategies and techniques that actually get people to call.


We're especially good at helping clients who are selling more expensive products such as custom homes, real estate, pools, and jewelry, as well those businesses selling less tangible products such as insurance and financial services. If you run a business that's trying to convince someone to make a significant purchase with you, it's likely we can help.  


Our full-service agency is based in Greenport, New York. We have deep experience working with the world's largest brands and ad agencies and also bring our expertise to local businesses to help them dominate their own category.


We have executed digital campaigns for clients such as McDonalds, Raytheon, the Mayo Clinic, IKEA, American Express, and Walmart and have provided digital advertising inventory to the biggest ad agencies in the world including HAVAS and Dentsu.


That experience enables us to eliminate waste, secure better media at less cost, and drive up response.


With McInnis Digital, you don't have to compromise. You get the expertise of the biggest agencies right in Greenport.

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Give us a call at 631-903-4688 and we'd be happy to chat about what you're trying to accomplish and see if we can help. If we can't, we'll find someone who can.

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