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  • Bob McInnis

Free Video: Here's the secret to getting more people buying your high-ticket products or services

The fact is, almost all of your website visitors--including your most desirable prospects--leave and never end up becoming customers.

This free 10-min video explains why that's the reality and how to fix it.

Before my days with a digital agency based in Boston and Sweden, I had no idea there was an automated, effective way for local businesses--especially those selling higher-ticket products or services--to generate leads and turn them into customers using their on- and off-line activities. But there is.

My guess is it's something you're completely unaware of as well. In fact, it's so specialized that Hofstra's Zarb School of Business started bringing me in as a guest lecturer to teach the approach to their MBA students, including the little-known strategies, tactics, and technologies that help you find and secure customers.

Besides similar work I did for international brands, I've implemented the approach locally for Monroe College, Suffolk Security, First And South, Harbor Pet (including for their nationally-distributed, all-natural baked goods for dogs, Life Is Grruff), the Shelter Island Chamber of Commerce and many others. All of them approached me after seeing me speak on the topic. Check out the video.

I promise you'll never look at marketing, lead generation, your website, and sales the same way again.


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