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  • Bob McInnis

I'm honored to be named the Chairperson of the North Fork Chamber of Commerce's Marketing Committee

As you probably know, the North Fork Chamber of Commerce works to help our members, and the entire North Fork, thrive. It's a regional chamber encompassing 10 towns. In fact, here's our mission statement:

Creating a supportive environment for businesses while fostering a stronger North Fork Community through networking meetings, promotional advertisements, and neighborhood initiatives.

So, I was proud to be named marketing committee chair at the January annual chamber meeting.

I get to work alongside a talented and dedicated group of volunteers who give their time selflessly creating, promoting, and running events, facilitating member connections in and outside of our popular networking meetings, and supporting important causes.

Last year was one of our most successful years ever. We're planning on this year being even better.

If you'd like consider joining, you can find out more on our member benefits page. Or you can reach out to our Executive Director, Andrea Esposito at 631-765-3161 or email her at

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