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  • Bob McInnis

Transforming Greenport's Hommel Plumbing & Heating: Website, Logo, Sign, and Advertising.

We've had the pleasure of helping the new owners of Hommel Plumbing & Heating with a major update. We rebuilt their website, created a new logo, designed a new sign, secured editorial coverage, and designed advertising that used the classic typeface that for years was identified with their brand, while giving them a classic, updated style. One of the goals was to communicate that Hommel wasn't only a wholesale plumbing and heating supply house but a full retail store with over 9,000 items and a friendly, knowledgeable staff that provides detailed advice on troubleshooting and repairing plumbing and heating-related problems for local homeowners and businesses.

See some examples below of our new sign being installed and other Hommel work.


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